A Small Store with Big Heart

We know our customers have many options to choose from when they do their grocery shopping. We know we can’t always be a one-stop shop. As a small, independent grocery store, we set ourselves apart in as many ways as we can.

Customer Service. Our friendly staff care about their jobs and want to provide exemplary customer experience. It’s easy to find a staff member in our small space if you have a question or need help locating something. Further, we do our best to educate our employees on all our products, farmers, and vendors so they can feel confident in answering questions or making recommendations.

Supporting Local Farmers and Artisans. Our goal in providing local foods is in supporting local growers and purveyors. At least half of all products at Local Harvest are sourced within 150 miles of St. Louis. We allow our farmers and vendors to set their own prices to ensure they’re paid fairly for their labor (see more about our pricing here). That means family farmers running sustainable farms in our region are paid for all their hard work, not middlemen, distributors, or large conglomerates.

Serving our Community’s Needs and Wants. We’re constantly growing and expanding our product offerings to better serve our community. If we don’t have a product you’re searching for, we’ll look into getting it. If you’ve seen something you think we should carry, let us know- we’re always looking for product suggestions. Really like a product we have? Ask us about special ordering a case for you, and save 10%.

Minimizing Waste, Donating Excess. We try to limit food waste when and where we can. We sell ugly, blemished, or otherwise imperfect produce at discount as “inglorious,” following France’s Intermarche’s example. We donate excess inventory to FOCUS St. Louis or other area food banks. Products that cannot be sold or donated are ultimately composted when possible, not trashed.

Keeping it Local. Some figures claim that shopping at local businesses and buying locals keeps 80% more money in the community. When you shop at Local Harvest, you’re supporting the Tower Grove community, the St. Louis region, and all our local farmers and vendors.