About us

Local Harvest Grocery opened in 2007 with a mission to bring locally and sustainably grown and produced foods to St. Louisans, 7 days a week. We consider it an honor to showcase the region’s best produce and meat farmers, dairy farmers, local coffee roasters, delectable baked goods, dry goods including a large bulk section with local and organic goods as well as local home and body products. 

It’s a big mission for a small store, but we know how important sustainably-raised local food and products are to the health of our region, the health of our customers, and the health of the environment. When you shop Local Harvest Grocery, you are supporting the region and your own health.

Local Harvest Grocery was founded by Maddie Earnest and Patrick Horine with much support from their families and friends, and the community.

Hours, Location, & Contact

Local Harvest Grocery is open 8 AM-8 PM every day!

Phone: 314.865.5260
email: contact@localharvestgrocery.com

Address: 3108 Morgan Ford Road, St. Louis, MO 63116

(Near the intersection of Arsenal and Morgan Ford Road at Tower Grove Park)

Parking is free for customers in the parking lot just south of the store- no need to pay the city meters. There is also free street parking along Morganford and its side streets.

Our Commitment to Local

Buying local means supporting family farms, but it’s so much more than that.

Our goal is to source as many products as we can from within 150 miles of St. Louis. This helps our local economy grow by keeping money in the region, while also decreasing the “food miles” products must travel to reach our shelves.

And it’s not just produce- our local sourcing extends to all sections of our store. We buy from local producers and artisans in our dairy, eggs, meat, frozen, bakery, bulk, prepared foods, health & beauty, alcohol, and grocery sections too.

Local foods are often more nutritious. Produce is picked at peak ripeness and delivered quickly after harvest, not harvested early and shipped across the country. Our prepared foods, bakery items, and other local products are made fresh, without artificial preservatives.

When you buy local, you keep more money in our community. That’s money we can re-invest in the St. Louis region and its farmers.